Every year, millions of people in the UK are looking to buy or sell a property. These range from first time buyers, through to those looking to downsize later in life.

Keystone are here to help

When it’s time for a change, or circumstances have dictated a property must be sold, the first step is to book a free valuation of your current property. At Keystone we will listen to your needs and give tailor made advice on an individual basis. After all, there is no point in us giving you advice on how to achieve a quick sale, if you are not in a hurry.

First impressions matter, and you don’t get a second chance

Most potential buyers won’t even set foot in your property if they don’t like the look of it from the outside. Indeed many potential buyers will drive past your property to see if they just like the look of the street. Your house has less than a minute to make a good impression.

At Keystone we always advise that any gardens and external areas of the property are clean, tidy and presentable. Little touches like having flowers in pots or hanging baskets really do make all the difference.

And don’t forget to wash down your front door and where needed apply a fresh coat of paint.

Don’t get carried away

Giving some finishing touches to your home doesn’t need to cost the earth. If in doubt, we can advise on what improvements are worthwhile and which one’s may not be worth it.

Make potential buyers comfortable

When someone views your home, they have to feel comfortable enough to imagine that your home could be theirs. There are some golden rules for getting the best out of your viewings.

  1. If you have pets, remember that many people will not love them as much as you do.

The biggest off-put for many buyers is the sound of a barking dog behind the front door. When you have a viewing, best put your dog in the car or get someone to take them for a walk. And don’t forget, some people are allergic to pets, so make sure you get the hoover out and that includes cleaning soft furnishing where a buyer may sit if you have given them a coffee. We don’t recommend you offer every viewer a drink, but if you are enjoying their visit and getting on well with them it is sometimes just courtesy to offer.

  1. If a house smells clean buyers will feel more at ease.

The companies who make branded cleaning products spend millions on scents and perfumes for their products. And the reason is simple. They know that today’s consumers are as bothered about how a product smells as they are about its performance. Basically if your house smells clean it is clean, at least in the eyes of a visitor. Quite simply, you can’t go wrong by spraying your kitchen worktops with Lemon Fizz and whizzing through your bathroom with a dose of Aqua Blast before your viewers arrive.

  1. Fresh fresh fresh

It may sound old fashioned, but there is still nothing more welcoming than fresh flowers in a property and if you have old tatty plants don’t be afraid in investing in some fresh ones. The money you spend could pay dividends when creating the right impression.

  1. Keep quiet

Remember, when someone views, neither us nor you can sell your property to someone who does not want it. Buyers make their own decisions, so it’s best not to say too much as they are there and they can feel and see whether they like it. Add to that the fact that all viewings are followed up by our professional staff, and you can rest assured that you will be kept up to date on what your prospective buyers feel.

  1. The hallway

Lastly, just make sure that your hallway makes a lasting impression, after all, its the first and last part a buyer sees. Clear away unworn coats and shoes, replace a worn light shade if necessary, and put a mirror up. If someone sees themselves in your home, they are more likely to feel at home themselves.

But don’t forget this list is not the only advice worth taking heed of, and like we always say, one size does not fit all. You can only do what you feel comfortable with, and we will always advise on an individual basis where required.