Quick Guides – Buying

Whether you are buying your first home or moving to a different part of town or country we can help.

We will put you in touch with a solicitor to deal with the whole process from the moment you put your offer in and help take the stress out of the move.

The solicitor will confirm current ownership of the property and find out if there any issues affecting the property. When the solicitor is happy that everything is in order, a contract will be drawn up for you to sign. The paperwork for completion to take place will be handled for you and your name will be registered as the new owner at the Land Registry.

The solicitor will keep in contact with the seller’s agents to keep them up to date and our online tracking system can also be used to see how things are going. If you are buying and selling, the solicitor will also liaise with the buyer’s solicitors and your agents to make sure everyone is working to the same timetable.

The fee quote you are given will include all work needed to buy your home with no hidden extras.

Quick Guides – Selling

Whether you are selling up and moving on, or selling and buying a new property, it is important for everything to be dealt with properly.

The solicitor will find out where your deeds are, obtain them, and once the sale is agreed, send a draft contract and supporting papers to your buyer’s solicitors. You will be asked to answer questions about your property and to provide a list of items to be included in the sale. The solicitor will be happy to help you with these and make sure you understand what is being asked for, so that you can answer to the best of your knowledge.

If you are selling and buying, the solicitor will ensure that both complete at the same time. At completion, the solicitor will repay your mortgage in full and obtain a receipt. Your estate agents’ fees can also be paid for you from the proceeds of sale, if you wish.

Quick Guides – Mortgages

You may be taking a mortgage for the first time to buy your home, or re-mortgaging and borrowing extra money to pay for a holiday, car, or improvements to your property.

Our solicitors are aware that you will want to obtain the funds as quickly as possible and will deal with all the necessary paperwork to make this happen.

The solicitor will check the deeds and obtain searches to satisfy the lender that the property is good security. The solicitor will also advise you on the terms of the mortgage deed.